1. Indomie Carbonara. Chef Riri added a new sensation to a boring instant noodle by adding an egg into the soup broth, so that it is creamier just like spaghetti carbonara. For finish touch, Chef Riri topped the noodle dish with crispy garlic chips and super spicy Thai chilli flakes. I bet you cannot find this dish anywhere else. Maybe Chef Riri should open a food stall called Warung Indomie Mr. Riri to compete with the existing Warung Indomie Abang Adek.


2. Japanese Katsu Curry. Curry is one of Chef Riri’s favourite dishes. For the curry, Chef Riri used these three secret ingredients: S&B Premium Dinner Curry from Japan,  Citrus Togarashi 柚子七味 from Japan and Curry Salt 咖喱盐花 from Taiwan. 

Cooking the curry. 20141011_152133

Making the layered katsu. Chef Riri succeeded in making layered katsu for the first trial, maybe after a while Chef Riri can compete with Kimukatsu20141011_15325520141011_15395620141011_185544Tadaaaa… Here is the masterpiece.


  3. Speedy Teriyaki. No marinade. Chef Riri poured these several key ingredients into the frying pan: sautéed onion, mirin, rice wine, Kikkoman soy sauce, black pepper, sugar, and citrus togarashi. 20141012_120828

4. Breakfast Casserole. There were only two elements in this dish: potato (2) and egg (4). First, Chef Riri shredded the potato and stir fry it with seasoning. Lay the potato on the baking dish, pour beaten eggs on top. Bake it for about 15 minutes. 20141012_082249

Chef Riri added love potion in all of his cooking, which caused Thatha’s appetite to increase by multiple times. I have to admit that Chef Riri is talented since he didn’t look at recipe while cooking, everything is in his head. People say that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Thatha is lucky enough to have Chef Riri  who got to Thatha’s heart from her stomach.