This morning, Riri & Thatha attended blessing ceremony of unknown couple at St. Laurensius Church, Alam Sutera, to check out the choir group Fleur de Lis. The church looked very grandiose from outside, and indeed very stunning inside. I really love the architecture that looks like cafes in small alleys of France.


Ruko Pasar 8, Alam Sutera

We circled around Ruko Pasar 8, and spotted Bakmi Jambi Ahiung. We ordered the most basic menu: Bakmi Jambi + Kuah Sop. The noodle texture is like spaghetti instead of regular Chinese-style noodles. IMG_8764


Bagoja stands for “Bakso Goreng Gajah“. The giant bakso goreng costs Rp 11.000/piece. IMG_8766

Bakmi Siantar 168

We ordered Bakmi Keriting Spesial, with suikiau, pangsit, bakso daging and egg. The noodle tastes very similar to Ernie in Kelapa Gading. The portion was quite big, enough for two people. The toppings were quite generous. I like how the vegetables are cooked nicely. IMG_8777


We stopped by at this small coffee shop after eating two bowls of noodles. The coffee shop was occupied by a group of family friends when we entered. I ordered East Java single origin black coffee using French Press. The female barista was a bit confused when I asked where exactly the bean came from, as she answered: West Java?

I have to admit that this coffee shop is very cost efficient, as there was only one employee who acted as barista, server and cashier. There are no heavy meal sold here, which means customers come merely for the coffee and other drinks. IMG_8770 IMG_8781

It inspired me to have a coffee corner at our new house. Riri and Thatha discussed the layout of new house. IMG_8779

Asagao Coffee House, Summarecon Serpong 

I was curious what “Asagao” means, and I found out that it means morning glory, bell, or funnel-shaped. Why do they name the coffee house as Asagao? I didn’t find out the answer on my first visit.

The interior and graphic design clearly show Japanese influence. I really like the exposed concrete, wooden furniture, illustration wall art, and blackboard menu. IMG_8796IMG_8794 IMG_8797

We ordered the two signature menus: Kori Kohi – milk poured into a glass of coffee ice cubes and Kuniko – layers of honey, espresso shot and milk. IMG_8801IMG_8803IMG_8804

Kori Kohi (left) vs. Kuniko (right). I prefer Kori Kohi since the Kuniko was a bit too sweet. But the coffee wasn’t strong enough in both drinks. IMG_8805