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Movie Note: Think Like A Man

Mama’s boy vs. single mum

Non-commiter vs. woman who wants a ring

Dreamer vs. woman who’s her own man

Player vs. 90-day girl rule


3 kinds of rings: engagement ring, wedding ring, suffering


Fish for

  • eat – take home, introduce to mum
  • sport – play & throw back to pond

Wuhan Unplanned Trip

Mar 9: supir taxi traktir makan mie ciri khas Wuhan 热干面, kasih diskon taxi fare.

Cafe Talkshow interesting points:

  • Taiwan proves that 华人 can be 文明 by themselves without the help from Westerners. Singapore and Hongkong still had influence of British. 
  • Many Taiwanese go out 1-2 people nowadays, big group more than 4 people are quite rare.
  • Be different. Ignore who don’t like you even though it’s a big part, just care about the small part who support you.
  • You are the solution. Try solving yourself, not from other people. 老外不问路,中国人问路。

What happened to marriages in this world?

Many people seem happy on the outside, but we never know what has been going on behind the curtain.

My best friend’s dad sent the wife 999 roses on her birthday, but apparently he has 小三, and it was originally my best friend’s idea.

My cousin’s husband recently died with unknown cause.

Lucky to have friends around you who truly care for you

Vivi’s mum

Who lost the most? It’s not u. He lost his entire future. You only lost a boyfriend. You get hurt a lot because of betrayal, not mainly love. You must love yourself and your family first. Focus on finding a guy like your dad. Don’t let the right man waiting for you for too long.


I’m sorry, it feels sad to see all these, but I feel like it’s such BS~! U know what it means 不见棺材不留眼泪? It means 不到失去的时候都不懂得珍惜!if they really have"素质"or"教养"or"家教"this would have never happened! If they say that after things happened~ it’s all bull 5111)


feel boleh di depan, tp logic tetep hrs ngikut di blkgnya

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