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Homemade Sangria

Riri and Thatha made sangria at home with layers of chopped apple, kiwi, strawberry, and Sunkist orange. For the alcohols, we added lemon liqueur and red wine Merlot.


Here is a basic anatomy of sangria.503c3c2dc1c75281021a9255ca84c189


Happy 13th Monthversary

Today (September 24, 2014) is Riri’s and Thatha’s 13th Monthversary. Riri surprised Thatha by coming to Thatha’s office. Even more surprising, Riri brought 4 pieces of homemade Ichigo Daifuku – mochi filled with red beans and fresh whole strawberry. I fell in love at the first bite. 20140924_17371820140924_173840

Riri didn’t stop giving surprise. He bought 3 stalks of white roses. I just found out the meaning of three stalks of white roses; the colour white symbolizes happy love, while the number three represents “I Love You“. Here is a guide to find out the meaning of colours and numbers of roses.
20140924_211646-120140924_211715Thank you, Riri!!! You made me feel like I’m the happiest girl in the world. Muah.

Anpan あんパン by Chef Riri

Anpan is a Japanese term for sweet bread filled with sweet red bean paste (anko). Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 9.27.04 AM

Chef Riri took the anpan to another level by adding jasmine tea and sesame. Chef Riri put a generous amount of homemade sweet red bean paste (anko) in each bread. The sweetness level of the anko was just right for me, but some of the red beans were still a little bit hard, maybe they should have been soaked longer or cooked longer. Overall, I love Chef Riri’s anpan, and it saved my tummy after a long flight.20140922_05533320140922_055505

Black Sesame Cookies

A surprised gift from Riri: Black Sesame Cookies. It is a type of soft baked cookies; the softness level is just right. Riri spilled his secret baking recipe, he used cake flour instead of all purpose flour. 20140907_203557-1Thatha likes black sesame more than white sesame, because black sesame has stronger nutty flavour. Black Sesame is called Kuro Goma in Japanese, and 黑芝麻 in Chinese. Thatha wanted to add Black Sesame Purin into Java Japa menu, but the cost will be too high. There are so many desserts can be made with black sesame, including: ice cream, mousse cake, madeleines, and so on. blacksesamemadeleines1japanese_cuisine_pic7

I think Riri would love this black sesame macarons16129fbeca7e167b1d4f253846e49515

Sea Battle Game


Riri challenged Thatha to play a game called Sea Battle. I barely play games, and I only enjoy playing easy and fun games. I was extremely happy that I won the game, although it was purely based on luck.

Opening Barnival @ Cibubur Junction Mall

Today, 11th September 2014, we celebrated the soft opening of the 9th Barnival outlet, located in Flavour Junction, Cibubur Junction Mall. Barnival is an original Taiwanese beverage brand, specialises in fruit smoothies and good tea. PT. Transera Prospek Kreasindo is the master franchisor for all regions in Indonesia. For franchise inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Agustina at (021)29375353. It was such an honour to have the Taiwanese trainers at the soft opening ceremony.

BARNIVAL CJgunting pitagunting pita2qq passion20140911_120757The 8 other Barnival outlets:

  1. Dunia Fantasi Ancol (Dufan) – Happy Feet
  2. Dunia Fantasi Ancol (Dufan) – Hysteria
  3. Transera Waterpark Kota Harapan Indah Bekasi – outside
  4. Transera Waterpark Kota Harapan Indah Bekasi – Kiddy Pool
  5. Transera Waterpark Kota Harapan Indah Bekasi – Ducky Dunk
  6. Depok Mall
  7. Ekalokasari Plaza, Bogor
  8. Sentra Kuliner Kota Harapan Indah (next to BPK Penabur)

Chai Chai

Congratulations to Daniel and Kitty on the birth of Chai Chai Yellow Kitty on August 31, 2014, 5 gr, 10 cm long, in New Zealand. Welcome to the youngest member of Thatha’s Kitty Happy Family!


Please allow me to introduce the rest of the family members. 20140903_18573320140903_18591820140903_18595920140903_19002320140903_19005220140903_190128

20140903_19030320140903_19035320140903_190437I found an article on 10 of Hello Kitty’s most distant relatives.

TheTha make ThaTha smile

It has been about three months since the last time I visited the first outlet of Caffe The Tha in Transera Waterpark, Kota Harapan Indah, Bekasi.

I had a cup of cappuccino prepared by one of The Tha baristas. It is a bear with a bandana.


I had a great time chatting with the crews. Surprisingly, one of the crews who just came back from his village brought a special gift for me – handmade keychain.  20140822_114937-1

This personalised little gift meant a lot to me. It made me smile.

TheTha make ThaTha smile

A Little Girl’s Dream Came True


It’s certainly not easy to turn a dream into reality; it is much easier to daydream. Once you make it happen, it is even much harder to maintain it. You need extra patience, care and persistency.

The Tha Timeline
6 April 2014: Grand Opening of Caffé The Tha Bekasi
20 June 2014: Soft Opening of Caffé The Tha Pontianak

Here are some pictures on the soft opening of Caffé The Tha Pontianak




Cutting the ribbon by Thatha


Slicing the tumpeng by Mr. Rudy



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